w/ Pastor TEKA


    Provide Formal Educational and Vocational Instruction to individuals by encouraging the heart through spiritual enrichment and formation, and inspiring individuals to make healthy choices for a healthier lifestyle.

    Provide Spiritual Formation: This aspect takes a comprehensive approach in personal development as the person becomes goal-driven, understands conflict resolution, and is spiritually grounded. This is in all attempts, means, instruction, and disciplines intended towards deepening of faith and furtherance of spiritual growth. It includes educational endeavors as well as the more intimate and in-depth process of spiritual direction.

    Educate the members of the community in the home buying and homeownership process.

    Teach Life Skills to youth and adults in underserved communities in order to break the cycle of poverty, educating youth and adults on life skills required to live a healthy and
    sustainable life.

    Instruct adolescents in the fundamentals of living a successful, healthy and well-balanced life by exposing youth to aspects of life learning that go beyond the realm of the classroom so they enter the workplace, and the world, with a sense of confidence and a feeling of rightful belonging among the ranks of the successful in society.

    Supplement Academic Learning with life learning for the enhancement of youth and adults, to further their life skills and ensure ultimate success